April 21, 2007

Old Dogs

As my own pup ages I am drawn to other people's geriatric furbabies.

Just like humans, aging dogs can be very humerous. They get set in their ways and miss their companions as we do.

Yesterday, as I shopped for treasures at garage sales, there was a Jack Russel Terrier that came up to me. Now if you've ever met a JRT, you know how frisky and playful they can be.

This particular terrier was not at all hyper, in fact at first I didn't notice him walk up. He was very slow and quiet.

I reached down to let him sniff my hand. As any dog owner will tell you, that's the first thing you do when you meet a new dog. It's a dog's version of introducing ourselves.

A woman walked up and called to her husband, "Honey, Boomer got out again."

Her husband walked up and just grinned.

Boomer didn't seem to hear and just stood there letting me pet him.

"He's deaf as a post and can't see a thing." The lady told me. "He's 17 years old."

"Every year we think it's going to be Boomer's last with us and yet he just keeps hanging in there," she said.

She told me that when her and her husband married she had a pomeranian, named Missy and her husband had Boomer. Boomer would guard the food bowl to keep Missy from getting any food, sometimes until he fell asleep.

Missy died of old age three years a go. Boomer grieved for her as any human would for a friend or relative. The lady pointed to the side of the house. "We buried Missy over there. Boomer still goes over there and lays on her grave for hours."

I thought that was the sweetest story and had to share it with you. :o)

Not only do we collect treasures at garage sales, we also collect stories.


Lilfix said...

What a touching doggie story...

Doggies have such big hearts...and it doesn't matter how big or small the doggie is...

Darlene ~Bloggity Blogger~ said...

I love old dogs! After my lifelong (dogs life, not mine) dogs died, I have adopted nothing but old dogs since 2004. I have adopted 4 old dogs who did or will spend the rest of their life with me. #1 was 12 when I adopted him. He lived to be 17. #2 was close to 20, thrown away on the interstate like trash. She lived like a princes for 6 1/2 more months. #3was 10 and is still with me. She is 16 now. #4 was 8, now 10. Left behind in an eviction. How does someone move out of a house and close the door on their dog and just leave??? That will never happen to her again. Plus...they obviously bred her over and over. No more of that either. Now she is healthy and happy. God bless the old dogs...

Pamela N Red said...

Darlene, you are an angel to take in these old dogs. They are special and sweet. They get funny in old age. Mine can't see very well and every evening when the sun goes down he sees his reflection in the glass and thinks a dog is in his yard so he goes running outside barking to run it off.

Darlene ~Bloggity Blogger~ said...

They are funny with their personalities fully developed. When I take my two out on a leash after dark, they imagine a foe in every shadow. Maggie Mae is a natural predator, but Molly is a sweet, fluffy fake! She doesn't know why she is barking. We call her the doh doh dog... hahaha... so funny!

Pamela N Red said...

They do all have unique personalities.