July 11, 2007

Family Lingo

Our family has words and phrases that only we understand.

Many words stemmed from our children as toddlers learning to talk.

A misused word would become part of our families vocabulary. We're weird that way.

Fijjy-aytor- refrigerator
Sketti- spaghetti
man panties- self explanitory
jommies- pajamas
neenees- breast or nipples
toilie- toilet
fweater- sweater
tootsies- feet

There are others but I can't think of them right now. We have a whole language.

Does your family have silly words they use that most people would wonder what in the heck you were saying?

My son's fiancee is learning this language since she will soon be one of us. Bless her heart.

I've often wondered if we are unique or if other families talk as strange as we do.

Naturally, we don't use this language all of the time. Just at home when it's just family. We don't want people thinking we're weird or something. :o)

1 comment:

Lilfix said...

Pam...How funny...I still say sketti for spaghetti...

I always say, "He's so yancy." and it took Jeff many years to understand that I was saying "He's so antsy"...grin...

Jeff has figured out a lot of my "language" over the years, but I love when he gets that look on his face that says, "Huh?"