August 28, 2007

God Love 'Em

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I get tired of people coming to my door trying to get me to come to their church.

It's not good enough that I already go to church. Oh no. It has to be their church or I'm going to hell.

Two women came to my door the other day. They both had their very long hair pulled up in a spiritual knot on the back of their heads.

They were wearing denim skirts past their knees and long sleeves.

We wouldn't want anyone to see their elbows or knees.

When I told them what church I went to they wanted to know my pastors name. When I told them they nodded to each other with a knowing look.

You see, it's a known fact here in my little town that my church has a woman preacher

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Can you believe it?

You see we Methodist are very open minded.

Some people think if you have an open mind bad information might fall inside and corrupt the good stuff.

I don't want someone telling me I have to wear special underwear, or skirts (even thought I have nothing against skirts), or that I can't cut my hair (even though I wear it long anyway).

You see I have a mind of my own and I kind of enjoy using it without someone else telling me what to think.

And you know what else? It doesn't make me any difference what religion you practise.

I'll still be your friend.

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