August 16, 2007

May I help you?

Apparently I have "May I help you" written on my forehead.

My friend, who knows everything, says I have an approachable face.

Whatever it is, people come up to me everywhere I go asking for assistance and directions.

I must look like I know where things are and how to get just about anywhere.

Today, I couldn't get my grocery shopping done because I kept having to help someone.

"Do you know where the water softener aisle is?"

"Do you know where the travel size tissues are?"

And you know what's funny? I drop whatever I'm doing and help them find it. I've been known to go on long scavenger hunts for an item.

Too bad I'm not on the payroll.

It's not enough that I'm helping people who ask for help, oh no. I've been known to help shoppers who have a clerk already helping them.

"I thought it was over here, no, let's see...fabric dye. Where could it be?"

I'm going nuts trying to decide. Okay, do I take time out of my busy schedule to tell this new clerk where to find it or walk away minding my own business?

No...I help. "It's over in the craft department. Not the laundry department."

Maybe it's all those years when I was younger and worked for TG&Y.

I don't know, but if you're shopping and can't find something just look for me. I'll be glad to help. :o)

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