December 22, 2007

Woman fined because of fornicating goats.

A woman in Dibble Oklahoma received a fine because her goats were having sex in public.

Her property used to be considered rural, but without her knowledge was annexed by the city.

As such her animals must abide by the city ordinance and keep their sex lives private.

She pointed to her male goat and then to each of her females saying, "He was having sex with her and then with her." Mr. Goat posed happily for the camera.

She took the case to court and won because she was unaware she now lived inside the city limits.

What I want to know is who was stupid enough to complain?

Oh, it's also against the law in Dibble for animals to relieve themselves in public.

She also has horses and dogs. Her stallion better control himself or get a room.


Brenda said...

So who gets the fine when the neighborhood Tom Cat makes his rounds?

Can you imagine having "the talk" with your farm animals...and letting them know that you had to build a "special room" just for that kind of thing...grin...

Some people have more time on their hands then I do to take the time to complain about that...grin...

Happy Holidays!

Pamela Kay Morgan said...

How do you put a complaint like that in writing?