April 6, 2009

If I Disappear You'll Know What Happened

My husband loves to watch those “Kill Your Spouse” shows. I tease him about looking for ways to do me in with a list he checks off every week. “Nope, that didn’t work”. We have a running joke about it, but it’s just a joke, I know he wouldn’t kill me.

It amazes me how many people could and do kill their wives and the creative ways they go about it. I don’t ever see on the news where they got away with it, well, except for O.J. Simpson, but us regular folks can’t afford his lawyer. They always find out no matter what. It’s not just the husbands either. Some wives are just as mean and vindictive as the men.

The other night they had a woman on the “Kill Your Spouse Show,” who looked to be about 60 years old. She killed a young woman because she was jealous of the amount of attention she was getting from the congregation and preacher at her church. Then when they dug into her past they found she was also a suspect in her husband’s demise but had never been found guilty. Of course by the end of the show they find out she killed them both.

There are some evil people walking among us. I can’t imagine a scenario so bad you would decide to kill another person over. Well, okay maybe if they were abusive. I might kill him if he was a wife beater. To be honest with you, I’m not sure I could kill anyone even then. I’m not a very violent person and the thought of killing another person is a hard thought to wrap my brain around. I would just leave, it’s as simple as that. Maybe it’s my blood phobia. There’s always lots of blood at those crime scenes. Yuck!

I think it takes a certain kind of person to think through and follow up on a murder. In the heat of the moment if someone is attacking you and you do it accidentally defending yourself that’s different, but to think it through and plan out someone’s death takes an evil personality.

There was an article online here a while back about a man who killed his wife, smeared peanut butter all over her body and put her in the woods hoping an animal would eat her remains. Now you gotta really hate a person to do that. How evil and mean was this woman that her own husband wanted animals to eat her body. Good grief!

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