May 11, 2009

Stuff, Dust Bunnies and Treasures

Well it’s that time of year again when we go through our summer clothes and weed out the ones we don’t want or can’t wear. I have a hard time getting rid of clothes but I still buy more. Sometimes things look really good on a hanger, like works of art, but aren’t too flattering on my body. Why can’t I get rid of those clothes? Do I think they will miraculously start looking better on me?

While we are at it there’s those dust bunnies and cobwebs that have to be removed. Forget mousetraps and roach motels, where are the cob and bunny remedies? If only I could figure out how the little buggers are getting in.

I know I should get rid of more stuff but that’s easier said than done. Why do I think I have to keep this junk? Some of it was inherited and even though no one else would want it I hang on to it like they are treasures.

Speaking of treasures. I am missing MySpace friends. I have been busy and haven’t went searching for them but I know many of you have also noticed the empty holes in the continuum. People who normally appear and read our blogs are just not here anymore. I am pretty sure they are still my friends but just have other things taking up their time these days and don’t hang out here with me like they used to.

Is it this darn recession making people work harder for those pennies? Have they had to cut back and playing on the Internet was one of the first luxuries to go? Are employers cracking down on play time and readers now have to work during those nine to five hours leaving little time for MySpace friends?

Here’s George Carlin talking about that stuff we are so fond of because life is really all about stuff.

Here’s Donna Summers singing about hot stuff because we all need that kind of stuff.

Vanessa Williams is singing about the right stuff. Nobody wants the wrong stuff.

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