June 28, 2009

Are You Crazy?

Last year my friend Patrick and his wife went to the Grand Canyon during the hottest part of summer. I teased him about it and thought they were crazy going to the desert that time of year. Well, guess who’s going to New Mexico the first week of July? Yep, I’m just as crazy.

Some friends of ours went to Roswell during the wintertime and they said it was a cool place to visit. They went to the UFO museum and said it was a must see experience: lots of cool alien stuff.

We planned to go in June before it got kiln temperatures but when I Googled the town I discovered they have a big convention with a festival around Independence Day. Well, I thought… how cool is that?

Anyway as you can see from the website there are also your obligatory religious folks campaigning against the evils of believing in alien life forms and how we are going to hell if we believe any of it. My son Matthew said I should get a sign and pretend to be one of those guys. lol I think I’d rather dress up as a Cardassian and act like I’m trying to recruit them to come to my planet. “We have a ship leaving in the morning, won’t you come?”


Speaking of Cardassians is it just me or does anyone else think of Cardassians when you hear the name Kim Kardashian? I’ve probably just watched too many Star Trek shows but I wonder if she is an alien just sneaking around collecting information. A little plastic surgery to remove the bumps, change the spelling of her name just a tad. No? Okay, forget I asked that one.

I’d much rather dress up as a Vulcan but seeing as how their planet got blown up by that bad guy I can’t very well enlist people to join me.


Hey, I believe there are other people out there. The universe is too darn big to hold only us. I just don’t think we have traveled far enough to meet them yet. Maybe they’ve already been here and found out we are really messed up neighbors and they would rather stay in their own little galaxy away from life forms that kill each other on their own turf. If we can’t get along with each other how are we going to get along with someone from another planet? (I can see people deleting me as a friend as I speak. lol)

Seriously, I’m not a nut, but do find it interesting and something to think about. I’m not saying there are other life forms out there but stay open minded about the whole thing.

While we are there we are going to check out the Carl’s Bad cave. Should be comfortable temperatures since it’s underground.

I’ll probably return looking like a lobster unless the aliens get me. In that case, live long and prosper. ;o)

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