July 20, 2009

Hydrogen Peroxide

During these lean times I thought I would share with you a few products that are inexpensive alternatives to more costly brands.

First up is one you should be familiar with: hydrogen peroxide. Aside from being an antiseptic for skinned knees and elbows, there are a few other uses you might not be aware of.

It is in products like Chlorox II, Oxyclean and a few other color-bleach cleaners. You can use it full strength or diluted and save yourself some money.

Many women have had ruined clothes when Aunt Flo came to visit unexpectedly. To get blood out of just about any material use straight hydrogen peroxide with no water and a little soap of any kind on the spot and scrub by hand. Launder as usual.

Clothes that say no chlorine bleach can be treated with peroxide to get many stains out. Just rub a little in before washing. I would dilute it if putting on clothes that are delicate. If you don’t let it set for long and wash right away it should be fine for most fabrics.

Most teeth whitening products have peroxide in them. Drinking tea, colored soda, coffee or smoking can discolor our teeth. Regular cleanings at the dentist doesn’t always take care of this. Swish a little peroxide in your mouth after brushing once or twice a day and you will be pleased with the results.

Not only will you be whitening your teeth but you will also fight gingivitis and a few other gum disease bacteria that live in our mouths. One website said it would also help with receding gums because it heals the damaged tissue and promotes healthy growth.

Hydrogen peroxide hardly has a taste so don’t worry about it being yucky.

I don’t advise swallowing peroxide, however there are people who believe it has internal healing properties. Do your research before ingesting anything of this nature. Personally, I don’t swallow it.

It has to be kept away from direct sunlight that is why it comes in brown bottles so it you decide to pour it into a prettier container or are diluting it in a spray bottle keep this in mind.

Do any of you know a good use for hydrogen peroxide I may have overlooked?

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