September 11, 2009

Freaky Dreams

I have had some really strange dreams lately. Not sure why. I haven’t eaten chili peppers before bedtime or drank too much tequila. Actually, I haven’t had any tequila in quite some time.

Here’s a dream I had the other night:

I’m walking along with my husband and I look over and tell him I should have brought my fold up chair. I look down at my hand and discover I am carrying it and say, “Oh look I remembered it.” (I’m even ditzy in my sleep.)

We get to a big open field with nothing but dirt: no trees or even weeds. There’s a mobile home sitting in front of these acres of soil kind of like you see when a new housing addition is going in. Inside the trailer are rows of chairs set up like when you are going to listen to a speaker so we place our chairs in front of everyone else’s. (I guess being first doesn’t have any precedence in my dream. Just for the record, in real life I wouldn’t be so rude.)

I have no idea what the speaker talked about. She was a middle age blond woman with short hair: no one I know in real life. After she was finished there were refreshments on a bar at the side of the room. My husband is eating and flirting with two young women who are in their 20’s.

(Let’s pull out of the dream for just a moment to clue you in on why this is very strange. First of all, my husband doesn’t flirt with anyone. As far as I know he doesn’t know how. He was afraid of women until he met me. Second of all, it wouldn’t be with girls that young. He always talks to them in a fatherly or uncle sort of way because he has nieces and a daughter and to him they are kids.)

So I decide to go to the bathroom. I can assure you that if the above scenario were really happening going to the bathroom is not what I would be doing at that particular time but it’s a dream and they never make any darn sense.

Looking in the mirror I discover my eyes are this really light eerie almost white color of blue with small pupils. In case you can’t tell by my picture, I have brown eyes and large pupils. In the dream my nose is slender like most white peoples instead of my wide Cherokee nose I have in real life.

So I look over at this woman who is also in the bathroom and say, “Look at my eyes, they are blue.”

She says, “Must be something you ate.”

“Yeah, you are probably right.”

So the moral of this dream is don’t eat any weird food or your eyes will turn blue.

A funny side story to tell you:

When my second son was born and a few days old when you can see their pupils I noticed he had one big one and one little one, so of course I did what any mother would do. I panicked, called my husband at work and then our family doctor. They ask me questions like has he fallen. No, I didn’t drop my baby on his head…yet. Just kidding. So I take him in and the doctor confirms I am not crazy and yes my son’s pupils don’t match. He calls an Ophthamologist and finds out that it’s rare but nothing to worry about. It’s like a person born with one brown eye and one blue one. He inherited a pupil from each parent and since mine are not normal he has one big one.

So his whole life we have to tell people that he has mismatched pupils so if he is in an accident they won’t think he has a concussion.

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BrambleRose said...

I thought MY dreams were getting odd!