October 9, 2009

You're Not Grown, You Just Think You Are

One day I went to the high school to pick up my daughter at 10:15 and while sitting in a chair waiting for her to appear I noticed there is a vast difference between this campus and the junior high she went to last year.

For one thing in middle school we have the dollar bill dress code. Your skirts and shorts cannot be shorter than the length of a George Washington above your knee. In high school anything goes. Some of those shorts don’t even have legs.

In junior high your tank top straps must be the width of a dollar bill. The upper grades can wear camisoles. I haven’t seen any in tube tops yet but for all I know that may be allowed too.

We live in a small town and don’t have the gang and violence trouble big cities have so our kids don’t have to wear uniforms.

It was quite entertaining to watch kids come into the principles office. Two were just now waking up and had to call mom to get it excused.

“What’s your reason for being late?”

“Uh- I just woke up.”

Then there was the boy that came in because he’d missed a few days. The principle called his mom and she wouldn’t excuse him so he had after school detention.

He calls his mom to let her know, “Remember when I ditched all those days? Well, I have to stay after school.”

I guess he had more important things to do than attend school.

A girl came in to change her information because her dad moved away and she is now 18. Apparently, the school doesn’t care if you are considered an adult outside school grounds on campus you still have to have a legal guardian. Her father was going to have to sign his rights over to someone else. ???

She turned 18 so her dad thought his parenting responsibilities were over. “You’re on your own kid.”

So now she’s going to have to hunt him down to sign a form. Something crazy about that rule.

Then we have the 22 year-old-student that I saw kissing a girl out front on another day. I wonder if he has to have a guardian answer for him too? If so they need to inform him that dating teenage girls can get him into big trouble. My daughter doesn’t know why he’s still in high school. I guess better late than never.


Sex Mahoney for President said...

The gang and violence trouble of big cities? That's not so much a big city thing, that's an American thing. Don't forget, Columbine was a "small town" school.

Pamela in red said...

True. In Oklahoma they mostly have kids wear uniforms in areas where gangs and colors are an issue.