November 9, 2009

Books, Books Everywhere

Friday and Saturday I worked on my office/library cleaning out dead computers, Chihuahua sized spiders and books.

I had a Mac from the nineties, a Dell with issues, and a HP laptop that bit the dust years a go. The office had turned into a computer cemetery. For some reason the Mac has sentimental value so we have to keep him. Yes, it appears he even has a gender.

My books are in the process of being organized. I’ve decided that I should put my non-fiction and classic literature in the living room and my trashy novels in the back of the house so that guests will think I am edumacated and well… classy. Can’t have the kinfolk knowing about my nekkid men books now can we?

Right now I have books lined up along my hallway waiting to be organized and put back on the four shelves. I promise to get rid of at least five percent of them. They keep multiplying I have no idea where some of them came from. Trouble is I have so many I sometimes buy them again. I found two copies of four different books. I must have really liked those.

I was going through a stack in the hall when a spider the size of my hand brushes against me. I hollered and jumped knocking over another pile of books. It’s the third rabid wolf spider I’ve found. You don’t know whether you need a pistol or fly swatter. They are as big as tarantulas.

Here’s what these ugly guys look like. Shudder. In the fall they come in looking for a warm place to stay. I believe in being hospitable and all but I draw the line if you have more than four legs and four eyes.

NaNo is going great. I’m two days ahead on my writing but things have turned out quite different than I had planned. It started out a mainstream novel possibly young adult but after Saturday’s writing it is no longer suitable for teenagers and somehow I ended up with erotica right smack in the middle of my nice wholesome story. I have no idea how that happened. One minute they are traveling across the United States in a motor home on summer vacation and the next thing you know they are… Well, this isn’t Wednesday so I better not give details but you get the idea.

seether - fake it

That video probably wasn’t appropriate for Monday either. Excuse me while I go read one of my nekkid men books.

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