December 7, 2009

Be Happy And Know That You Are Loved

Friendship with ones self is all important, because without it one cannot be friends with anyone else in the world. Eleanor Roosevelt

In our quest for happiness we look for it in many places: Another person, chemicals, objects and religion. The trouble is we cannot truly find our own peace in any of these things but only with understanding and being content in our own skin.

Our past and present affect our future. We have to make peace with our history and the people in it in order to be comfortable with our present. This shapes us as people and marks a path for our future. If we are constantly looking back we will stumble in our journey. If we look behind we will not see what is in front of us.

You need not say anything to forgive people who have wronged you but you must clear them in your heart. Holding a grudge and having animosity for another does not hurt the other person. There are people with little to no conscience that do not care if you are hurt or angry. When you hold these feelings in your heart they have won. They have a hold on you. Do not give bad people the reins to your happiness.

It has become popular to blame others for our misfortune. Life is easier if we do not have to take responsibility for our own actions or our personality. Our childhood, the people we have known, experiences we have had and places we have been all help mold our minds into the person we become. How we react to those things is totally up to us.

You have seen people that have lost loved ones, their belongings, a job and even their health and still were in good spirits. How do these people go on? What is their secret? Someone else can lose a fraction of these things and attempt suicide or take it out on other people. One stands strong while the other wilts.

It's the difference between the glass being half full and half empty. You can look for the positive or you can look for the negative. It's completely up to you.

The people that get through the hard times with a good attitude are still able to count their blessings even when life gets hard. Positive people look at what they have left and how they can move forward. They lost their home but they are still alive. They lost a child but they still have another that depends on them for comfort and support. They lost a leg but they can find new ways to remain mobile. It's not easy and I'm sure even the upbeat citizen will have bad days but they don't let it grow into months and consume their lives. Grief is a normal part of life, we are all sad sometimes but you have to get past it and look to the future and what is up ahead.

No one can put you in a bad mood or make you angry if you don't allow it to happen. Your reaction to people and events are in your hands.

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. Eleanor Roosevelt

There are online bullies that enjoy nothing more than to create friction. If the mean poster doesn't get a reaction they will go away. This is not always easy to do but really works. Angry people want you to feel emotional pain if they receive no attention it takes their fun away. Not replying to their comments is the worst thing you can do to them. Taunting is only entertaining if the victim is hurt. Reacting to them gives them power. Power to make you angry, sad or depressed. It takes stamina and great will to overlook adversity and not give in to retaliation. A peaceful spirit will overcome all and you will be the stronger person in the end.

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