September 27, 2010

Autumn Pondering

I haven’t written in a while. Basically, I’ve been goofing off. There’s no better excuse for it but with November hovering close by I am thinking about writing and that makes me think about my office/sewing room, which has been a mess so I have been cleaning, clearing and reorganizing.

I don’t know about you but it feels good to declutter my life. According to Feng Shui I need to get rid of excess stuff so my creativity can come through. Too much junk clogs up the ol’ brain as well as the counter tops and that isn’t good.

Oh and I found stuff that has been missing for years. I was so excited. I don’t even remember how many years a go I lost a little bag of quilting tools that was quite dear to me partly because the bag itself was irreplaceable, I know because I have tried for years to find one like it or at least close enough. Inside was a wooden needle case from the 30’s or 40’s they don’t make anymore. It was my Granny’s and I kept my needles in it. Also there was a pair of stork scissors that was also irreplaceable I’ve had them since *cough* 1980 so they are practically antique, certainly older than any of my children. So… I had my own little celebration, drank some wine and did a happy dance.

Straightening my room has revealed a few unfinished projects, yes, I have a problem with that in sewing and crafts too. There are many pieces that have made it to the finish line but twice as many are still sitting on the worktable waiting to be turned into a quilt, picture or tea towel. One such project is a quilt for my daughter. Bless her heart the girl loves purple--- and I don’t so I haven’t been able to get motivated to work on it past embroidering the butterflies. I finally talked her into adding another color so as not to be overwhelmed by lavender. With the walls the same color it’s all I can do to walk into her room without getting a severe headache. Had she chosen red it would of course already been bound and on her bed.

A cool front came through today reminding me that even though technically it’s fall and even though the weather has been in the eighties it is really autumn and soon the cold temperatures will be here which is officially baking and soup weather at my house. Nothing like a great bowl of pho, soup or stew to warm our bones. The crock pot will soon be busy.

Pondering whether or not to do NaNo again, this will be my fifth year, I have decided to go ahead, what the heck. I have a perfectly good idea. It seems I never lack for those it’s the finishing and editing that holds me back. Plus I can go to the group meetings, which I dearly love and see my good friends that keep us going and cheer each other on. How cool is that?

I am a writer therefore I write. It might not be what you want to read, it may not be worth buying but it’s what I do and it makes me happy.

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