December 29, 2010

Resolution 2011

Resolution means: Solving or determining; the act of analyzing a complex notion into simple ones.

So basically when we make a new years resolution we solve our problems and simplify our lives.

To simplify is to reduce to basic essentials.

Hmm, so after buying all that stuff for Christmas we are supposed to turn around and simplify our lives. No wonder western civilization is confused.

My goals sound similar to last years because I didn’t meet my expectations. Did I set goals that were too high? No, I mostly just got sidetracked which happens to many who make a pact with Father Time.

1) I made another blog over in Hub Pages but soon neglected it. Three blogs is a lot to keep up with but I can do it if I don’t have so many outside distractions. This next year I will work on that blog. It is a more serious informational page and sometimes being serious is a challenge for me.

2) I am going to finish and edit my latest novel, which is not the same one I was working on at the start of this year. I know, I have ADD and get sidetracked a lot.

Last year I had three things on my list in fact making lists was on my list. This year I’m not going to write a schedule for everyday because that in its self takes time I could be writing. I am simply going to write.

Looking back I did accomplished some things this year even though they weren’t on my initial itinerary. Some are very important and even though I don’t post them here it has made my life better and after all that is what making resolutions is all about--- improving our time on this planet.

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