February 11, 2011

Blizzard of 2011

I’ve kind of neglected this blog for a bit because I’ve been writing at HubPages and that has kept me pretty busy aside from my other writing and editing work. In case you want to read some of my stories you can go here:


I bought the domain name pamelanred.com which is linked here. You can also just put in a search for that name. Thanks to Google everything seems to be connected these days. I’m not so sure I’m fond of that but that is the way of it.

We’ve been snowed in for what seems like forever. I’m really, really sick of snow. It could be worse, we could have ice like we did in 2007. That storm broke trees and caused power outages all over so I shouldn’t complain, but I will anyway. :o)


School was out four days last week and two this week. They used all their allotted time so they’ll have to make it up at the end or work something out. We don't know yet.

I did what we always do in Oklahoma when snow hits; bought up enough food to feed the whole neighborhood. Stores ran out of eggs, milk and some cereal. The clerks couldn’t put bread on the shelves fast enough. Lines were backed up like Christmas. I had to wait for parking places and buggies. No one had snow shovels. Luckily I have two, not sure how that happened since we hardly get snow. Knowing me, I had one couldn’t find it or forgot I had one and bought another one. Either way I was prepared.

The news said that much of the flowers shipped for Valentines Day are ruined due to the extreme cold. One town had a record low of thirteen below. I feel like my state has been shifted hundreds of miles north. I never cared for cold weather but it found me anyway. Personally I’d like to live on a tropical island somewhere or at least move much further south.

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