June 7, 2011

Only Half Racist

I don’t agree when people say only white people can be racists. They come in all ethnicities and backgrounds.

Lately it has disturbed me that some people want to date or marry outside their race but can’t stand the opposite sex of that culture.

This is just an example and I’m not picking on anyone but it’s something people need to think about.

For instance if you are an Asian man and you find white women attractive but hate white men you better forget about Caucasian girls altogether because in case you haven’t noticed most of the time sons from those unions tend to look like white men.

Look at Apolo Anton Ohno; he doesn’t look Japanese. He’s a good-looking young man but more than likely took most of his genes from mom’s side of the family. It happens.

I’ve seen comments from black women that hate white women but they think white guys are handsome. Some mixed kids look totally Caucasian and you just might have daughters.

You also have to consider that person’s family. That white woman has a white father and that white man has a white mother.

You may tell yourself you will make exceptions for her family and a few are different and okay but the rest are all bad. Whether you realize it or not it will show through and as a few politicians have shown us in the news eventually something sneaks out and reveals your true opinion.

If you don’t accept the entire race you need to just walk away. Forget about dating until you can overcome your anger and hatred for the other side of the coin. It’s all or nothing, my friends.


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