July 17, 2011

Chinese Products Are Not All Bad

Americans obviously don’t realize just how much of our merchandise is produced in China or they wouldn’t say rude things about their products.

If something goes wrong they’ll say, “Oh, it must be made in China.”

Yeah, probably because almost everything we own is made in China. Just because something comes from China doesn’t mean it is poorly made. There are a lot of great products made there as well as the inexpensive trinkets you can pick up at dollar stores.

I've heard some say they are boycotting everything made in China. Good luck with that.

Take a look at the labels on your clothing, even the designer items. Go ahead, I’ll wait…

You see even the great names like Blow Fish, Fossil, Dockers and Bisou Bisou to name just a few are made in China. There are thousands of products and brand names; so saying everything made there is inferior is just wrong.

I love to read and I read everything, including labels but I doubt the average American takes time to notice these things otherwise they wouldn’t think all things made in China are inferior.

Few Americans know where their possessions are made.

Those American cars you drive have components and parts made in China, so even items touting made in the USA aren’t completely manufactured here; ask any mechanic, he knows.

Many electronic parts are made in China so even though it may say made in Japan, or some other country, not all of it was.

A lot of fabric is produced in China so even if it says it's made in another country part of it came from China.

I realize China has been in the news concerning some inferior and hazardous products but you can’t blame the entire country just like you can’t blame all American farmers because some sold produce with ecoli.

Most of the time you get what you pay for. If you buy a toy that is really cheap and not produced by a reputable company like Fisher Price or Lego, you are taking a risk regardless of where it’s made. Bigger companies pay inspectors to make sure what we buy is safe for our children no matter where it's produced. Buying from an unknown source is taking a risk regardless of how much money you save.

Make sure what you are buying comes from a good company and in most cases you won’t have anything to worry about and land of origin won't be an issue.


Audrey Kirchner said...

Interesting points, Pamela - I still hate it that everything we pick up is made in China though. I tend to worry about things like lead in my dogs' toys, etc, too~

It is unbelievable that people don't realize where things are made but then I'm floored that most folks don't know their medicines aren't made in this country!~

Pamela N Red said...

Audrey, as long as you buy name brand toys you should be okay.

It's a catch 22, we want inexpensive merchandise but we don't want to work for cheap wages so we send the labor to China and Mexico.

Hardly anything is made here anymore. It's kind of scary really.

Pamela N Red said...

FYI for the person trying to spam my website, it won't work so you might as well stop trying. This is a spam protected site.

From the hip. said...

Audrey, I would be more worried about the mercury in your tinned Tuna that you eat which is made in Canada and the US than lead products in your dog toys. Even most Chinese companies have had crackdown on lead based products in the last 10 years as some of the boycotts from south east Asia made them rethink it. Sure small amounts may still get in, but it is not as bad as most would think.

Good article Pamela, as I said on G+, thankfully China has thicker skin than America does, or it would have been asking the US to pay back it's debt in full or face IMF downgrading... Food for thought for the racists and braindead people out there.

Pamela N Red said...

From the hip, you are so right. They make most of our goods and then have to listen to the complaints.

I buy bagged tuna, hopefully that is okay but we really never know for sure what we are eating unless we grow it ourselves.