August 25, 2011

Jack White's Divorce Party

I don’t normally do blogs about celebrities because, well... the news covers enough of it to keep us all overly informed but sometimes something happens that just makes me go, “What?”

First of all let me say that I enjoy Jack White’s music but like many artists he’s an eccentric individual.

He and his wife are throwing a party to celebrate their sixth wedding anniversary and amicable divorce. Yes, celebrate. They have two children. I don't know the reasons for divorce, the article I read didn't give any details.

While I’m glad they are leaving on good terms with an uncontested divorce and the kids won’t have to be caught in the middle, at least as it currently stands, I think this whole thing is really strange.

Filing for divorce is not a good thing or anything that should be celebrated. There was a time when we mourned the loss of a marital union and felt bad for the couple, we certainly didn’t throw a party and act like it was something great. Heck, where I come from folks walk quietly and act like there’s been a death and stew about which side of the field to root for now. Since Bob and Carol are no longer together, which one do we stay friends with?

I know I’m old fashioned but am I the only one who thinks this is weird?


Weissdorn said...

LOL! Until I scrolled down, I thought you were talking about Jack White, the music producer for (among others) David Hasselhoff, Engelbert Humperdinck and Laura Branigan.

Pamela N Red said...

The trouble with having a common name is that you get confused with other people. It's why I use Pamela N Red. There are a half dozen other women writing under my name. Pamela is my real first name.

Mykuljay said...

I agree with you Pamela. I can see going out for a drink or two after a painful ordeal is over but certainly not in celebration of the loss - much less throw a party? Amazing. I guess the marriage must not have been built on much to begin with if they can have a good ol' time splitting up.

Pamela N Red said...

Mykuljay, I found the whole thing very odd. To me it seems they don't respect marriage enough if they think ending it is cause for celebration.