November 9, 2011

Is Thanksgiving Good Or Bad?

I have mixed feelings about this holiday probably because of my mixed blood. I’ll give my pros and cons.


Turkey and good food, perhaps we should call it feast day.

Getting together with family although this could also go in the cons category depending on your relations and how well you like them.

Two extra days off from work, at least for most people.

Reflecting on our great country and what we have to be thankful for.


The reason for the season: The Europeans took America from my ancestors.

People overeat and gain weight.

We remember why we only see some of these people during the holidays. Are we really related to some of them by blood?

Hmm, almost even but I still celebrate Thanksgiving. I’ve boycotted Columbus Day for obvious reasons. My husband or I neither one work for the government so for us Columbus Day is just another day.

Perhaps during this Thanksgiving season we should read accurate, unbiased history (If you can find any.) about the first Thanksgiving and how our country came to be what we know today. Maybe thank a Native America for their sacrifice. Maybe apologize to them for their loss of ancestors and land.

When you eat your turkey this Thanksgiving remember the real reason behind the season.


Kold_Kadavr_flatliner, sub/dude said...

HeeHee You're awesome, girl. Meet me in Heaven, miss gorgeous, and puh-leeze lemme be your servant for five weeks HeeHee Lookit ‘MySoulAccomplishment’ - you shall find, I don’t doubt, the discernment to rise above, for God only gives bawls to those who see the need for humility. God blessa youse -Fr. Sarducci, ol SNL

Pamela N Red said...

Thanks, Kold. I hope I got my point across without offending too many although sometimes that just isn't possible.