January 22, 2007

Cell Phones

Can anyone tell me why people yell into their cell phones like they're talking into a tin can? I keep looking for the string.

And you can't get away from them either. I'm thinking I'll go to the next aisle over so they can have a private conversation about their mama's gall bladder surgery, but oh no; they follow me to the next aisle and even the next.

I know entirely too much about their sister's divorce from that good-for-nothing _______ or the trouble their having with their teenaged daughter's live-in boy friend or the trials and tribulations of potty training their toddler. It's all I can do to bite my tongue and not give them advice, after all they have invaded my personal sound space.

My husband suffers from this same affliction. It's not just his cell phone. He yells on land line phones too. I give him the signal that his vocal volume needs tuning but this only works for a little while and then he's back up to loud and clear.

When he calls me I have to hold the phone a few inches away from my ear and others sitting nearby can join in the conversation.

We are getting older and don't hear quite as well as we did pre 70's concert era but frankly I don't know what excuse the young people of today are using.

Can you hear me now? :0)

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