January 29, 2007


I am a quilter. I love to make them, look at them, feel of them; anything to do with quilts I love. I've been a quilt enthusiast just about my whole life. I've made them since I was nine years old.

I remember my great-grand mother quilting on her quilt that hung from the ceiling. She lowered the frame when she wanted to work on it and then pulled on ropes attached to a pulley to raise it up out of the way when she was finished for the day. I learned by watching her; at first only allowed to thread the needles but eventually she let me put a few stitches in. I'm sure she removed my large uneven stitches later but I learned the feel of the technique and was infected by the bug.

I still quilt the old fashioned way, with a frame and hand stitching. I'll not succumb to the current trend of machine quilted quilts as long as I can hold a needle.

My stitches are much better now and Granny would be proud if she were still here to see them.

I thought the craft would have died out by now but you can still find a quilter here and there.

My car tag reads QUILTNB. It stands for Quilting Bee but you would be surprised how many people think the letter "B" stands for something entirely different. Somedays they are correct. :0)

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