January 25, 2007

Bird Feeder

I have a nice elm tree outside my writing room window with a bird house and a feeder hanging from the branches. Squirrels have been stealing all the good seeds and making a mess on the ground below the feeder. I splurged and bought a more expensive metal squirrel proof feeder a few days a go.

Birds are easily freightened and I was worried they wouldn't take to the new restaurant I installed.

The first few days they flew around looking at it but wouldn't land on it. They ate the few seeds that I dropped on the ground when I took down the old wooden feeder that was disintegrating.

I watched everyday and hoped the little boogers would take to the new feeder. Eventually the smaller birds would light on it grab a seed or two and quickly leave still fearful it might be a trap. As the days went by they lingered a little longer getting used to the new food bank.

Well today I saw a squirrel for the first time and it was quite comical. His paws slid on the slippery roof and he twitched his tail and wiggled his bottom for leverage but could not get any food.

I also had a larger bird, a cardinal, visit the feeder and he spent a few minutes eating quite at home on the new feeder.

Okay, I know I have a rather simple life when I'm anxious about a bunch of birds. But there's something calming about watching them. Their songs are joyfull to listen to and they are fun to watch. You haven't lived until you've watched a couple of male robins belly bump. I'm not sure if they're fighting over a female or territory, but it's plum comical to watch.

Now my daughter is making me feel guilty over the poor squirrels so I may have to get them a separate feeder. She's afraid they might starve. I doubt it but I was part of their source of food during this winter.

These critters are getting expensive. :0)

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