February 6, 2007

Treadmill Update

Well here it is February 6 and I still don't have my treadmill repaired.

I called the treadmill people. After ten minutes of elevator music a fast talking northerner answered the phone and asked me all the questions I already answered on line. I asked her, "Don't you already have that information since I filled out that form online?"

"Well, you must be talking on a different phone than the number you gave online." I was talking on my cell phone.

I told her, "you didn't even ask me for my phone number."

"What's your phone number?"

After fifteen minutes of information, rigamorole and ordering parts I find out I wasn't supposed to even talk to her. I need to call the extended warranty people.


The extended warranty people's phone was down the day I called, go figure, so I had to call back the next day. Well, I should have appreciated Nordic Tracks elevator music because the extended warranty people use Rap music. Good thing I'm not a heart patient.

After, Oh, ten minutes a sleepy sounding fella answered and took some information. He told me they would be sending me some parts and that a repair person would call me to make an appointment. So at this point I still didn't have an appointment. I didn't bother to ask how the man knew what parts I needed when no one had even seen my treadmill.

Well about another week went by and a woman called me to give me a repairman's phone number. She said to wait until the parts had arrived before calling to set up an appointment.

A tube came in the mail later that day so I felt like we were moving right along. Boy was I disillusioned. I call to talk to a depressed sounding man who said he didn't have a repair order for me yet and that when he got it he would call me.

A couple of days later he calls and when he finds out where I live says, "Oh, you'll have to wait until I get another call for out in your area. It isn't worth my time to go all the way out there for one call." I said, "I only live 20 minutes east of the city." Well he apparently lives way northwest of the city and it would take him almost an hour to get to my house. That was Wednesday of last week and now here it is Tuesday.

I will be calling Mr. Depressed Repairman today to see if he has forgotten me and assure him how lucky he is to do business with me and not Mr. Red who is getting quite impatient about the whole thing. Well really I am too, I just sound calm.

Hopefully I will have my treadmill fixed before Hell freezes over. I don't think I could take anymore ice after last months ice storm. :0)

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