February 5, 2007

Boob Tube aka The Idiot Box

People are often surprised that I don't watch television. I do watch the news and weather so I guess technically that statement isn't completely true, but compared to most people I really don't watch television.

There are few shows that hold my interest. I feel that watching t.v. takes up time I could use to write or read a good book. Because of this we don't have cable. We had cable for years, mainly for better television reception. When we had cable we watched more t.v. but not much. We occasionally tuned into the discovery or history channel for an educational program.

I'm not into reality television. Watching other people argue isn't my cup of tea. Finding out if little Johnny is in fact Big Johnny's baby doesn't make my day. Whether or not the lady wins the court battle between her and her ex-roommate really doesn't matter to me. The sitcoms with the obese men married to the thin attractive wives who puts up with their obnoxiously rude behaviour has really been over done. How many crime shows do we really need before enough is enough.

I'm not sure if America is really entertained by all this or if it's just a habit to turn it on and there just isn't anything else to watch.

I know people who turn the t.v. on in the morning and do not turn it off until they go to bed. They're not really paying attention but they're used to the noise it makes and can't imagine not having it on.

Many people use the t.v. as a babysitter. Kind of scary. What kind of role model is that for our future generation.

How about we all just read a nice book? :0)

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