February 2, 2007

Weaving the Story

Writing is like weaving fabric--each sentence a thread woven into the body of the story that can strengthen or weaken the finished product.

Our characters might be the colors we choose. Sometimes they clash with each other and sometimes they blend. If we are lucky the overall affect will be pleasing to others.

Getting the right thread in the right place can be difficult and sometimes we get knots and kinks that we have to smooth out. We may have to remove an entire section or row of stitches to make a better piece but in the end we'll be glad we did. Redoing, in any art form, is inevitable. We rework the craft over and over again until it feels right void of lumps and imperfections.

Somedays I have an awful lot of knots in my thread and wonder if it is all worth it. Then there are days the ideas flow and the weaving is smooth and I say, "Yes, it is all worth it."

May all your days be without kinks and knots. :0)

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