April 5, 2007

Blogger Block

Well, I officially have blogger's block. I've ran out of things to write about.

I've bored everyone with my home remodel woes, my neighbor delimma, doggie misbehaviour and my writing. What else is there to tell you that will keep you interested enough to read about my boring little life?

I could tell you about my son getting engaged to his fiance, or about polyurethaning my kitchen cupboard shelves, or about my decision for bathroom curtains, or talk some more about my writing ideas. I could talk about my car trouble, the ants in my yard, or the beautiful blooms on the redbud trees.

Hmmm, well, I guess I could talk about the fifteen british hostages being released from Iran and how relieved I am. I prayed really hard they would be.

I could tell you to sprinkle your brownie recipes with chocolate chips to have chewier brownies, or top your apple muffins with cinnamon and sugar before baking to give them a yummy crust on top.

I could tell you to brush your teeth with baking soda and hydrogen peroxide to whiten and brighten them or to wipe down your glass shower doors with lemon oil to clean the soap scum off.

I could tell you that I heard from my editor yesterday and he's still plugging away at my manuscript. (It's only because I emailed bugging him to see if he was done yet)

I could tell you that I read in the newspaper that we are supposed to have a very bad hurricane weather year. I know, not good news for our neighbors down south.

Well, I rambled along telling you a lot of nothing and managed to get a pitiful post in anyway.

Maybe something interesting will happen and I'll have something to tell. :o)

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