April 4, 2007

Textured Walls

Well, I'm now officially an expert wall texturer person. My husband and future daughter-n-law want me to give them lessons. I might even hang out a shingle. Not.

We have a few rent houses and I have done a little hole patching in the past, so I felt I could probably do the walls in my master bathroom without too much trouble.

I must say, it turned out pretty good. Whenever we hired this work done I would watch their technique. My method is somewhat different than theirs but I get a similiar result.

The sheetrock man who did our kitchen and dining room was going to charge us $250 to do our small 3/4 bath.

It's hard work and I certainly wouldn't want to do it for hire but it's great to be able to do a project yourself and save a little cash.

Basically, it's like frosting the sides of a very tall cake and putting a pattern on it. The tricky part was not swiping another area you just textured with your sleeve and having to redo it. This happened a couple of times. The hazard of working in a small space. We have a little cubbie where our toilet sits and working in there was tough. It would have been hard for the big sheetrock guy.

We had wallpaper in there before and I was tired of it and wanted a change. I picked out a robin's egg blue paint.

Now I can afford that fancy, shmancy micro-hood I've been wanting. :o)

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