April 2, 2007

Write That Book

Well, I went to the SCBWI conference Saturday and as usual it was great.

I always learn something. Sometimes it's from a speaker who seems to be talking just to me and sometimes it's from a total stranger I happened to sit next to at lunch. This was the case Saturday.

I've had an idea for a picture book dealing with loss of a loved one and have had misgivings as to whether it would be appropriate or not.

I sat beside a woman at lunch who had written a book for children regarding the loss of a sibling. Her grandchildren and herself suffered a loss and there weren't any books covering this subject, in a real way, for her grand kids to read. She not only got her book published but has set up a blog on Amazon that has turned into a support group for families. I thought this was great. She gave me inspiration to continue my idea and made me feel better about the need for such a story.

There are books out there with make believe characters such as leaves or badgers but not about real people.

Children sometimes need real people to relate to when faced with real life situations themselves. I hadn't thought of it in that way before and this one lady helped me to better understand how kids are people too and face the same losses and emotions adults do and sometimes they need help dealing with these feelings and coping just like we do.

So write that book you've been holding back and don't let political correctness keep you from it. You just might be filling a need you don't yet realize. :o)

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