April 17, 2007

My Oldest Baby Turned 25

I was in labor 16 long hours delivering my first child.

Does he appreciate it? Who knows.

He's spoiled rotten, mostly my fault and a Peter Pan. He never grew up and I don't see any signs of it happening in the near future.

He came over, after work, to eat a big dinner I cooked for him, giant birthday cookie and then ran off with his fiancee and friends to Incredible Pizza. I didn't know what an Incredible Pizza was but am now enlightened. Apparently it's a kids paradise. Why a 25 year old man would want to go there is beyond me, but there he went.

They have indoor go-carts, bumper cars, and all kinds of games. It's real high tech, no tokens needed. They have a card you swipe to play games and it can be reloaded if it runs out.

He takes after my husband. I always said the only reason he wanted kids was so he would have someone to play with. I don't know who enjoyed Christmas more him or the kids.

I was born old. I quit playing with toys when I was nine or ten. I switched to books.

My son must not be too unusual though, he had no trouble rounding up eight other friends to join in the fun. None of his buddies thought it lame to hang out at a kids party establishment. They didn't have to think twice. You'd have thought they were nine years old again.

I can see them now running around acting silly. Thank God I'm not there to witness it.

Bless their little hearts. I hope they have a good time. :o)


Lilfix said...

Pam...Your son is a good lookin' young man...I think we should get birthday presents for our kids birthdays..afterall...we're the ones that remember the 16 hour labors...all they did was come out all pink and cute...grin...Hugs...Lilfix

Pamela Kay Morgan said...

Thanks Brenda.

I agree, they ought to give us a present.