April 16, 2007

Dry Skin/Oily Skin

It would be great if I could distribute moisture evenly throughout my body.

My hair and the sides of my nose are oily.

My hands, feet and legs are dry.

Everywhere else seems to be normal.

If I shower everyday to get rid of the oils in my hair, then the rest of my body drys out.

I can't win for losing. I've tried just washing my hair and face everyday and the rest every other day. That seems to work better.

Too bad I can't run pipes from the over-moturized parts to the under-moisturized parts. You know, kind of like irrigating a dry field. You run pipes from a nearby river or creek to the crops that need watering.

Meanwhile, I shower too much and use large quantities of body lotion.

Incidentally, Burt's Bees is currently my favorite brand. I've tried several and this one seems to be the best.

Lotion in a tube that you squeeze out is watered down. The jar type lotions have a more concentrated amount of what you need and works best. Unless it's Burt's.

Burt's Shea Butter hand repair creme with cocoa butter & sesame oil is great. It's pricey but great. It comes in a lavendar tube. Most drug stores and gift shops carry it.

I also use Avon's Moisture Therapy Extra Strength Cream for extremely dry skin in the jar. It's pretty good too. Not as expensive especially if you catch it on sale. Any Avon lady sales it as well as the occasional Avon shop or website.

Don't even get me started on body hair. :o)

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Lilfix said...

Pam...I have the same problems...In the summer months, my face has soooo much oil on it. I must go through a hole box of tissues, just blotting my face in a day...grin...

Everytime the weather changes, my hair gets so dry...my hubby laughs at me when I walk around with miracle whip on my hair and a shower cap over that...and then some mud on my face, lotion on my hands and feet with my little cotton socks and gloves...I look quite silly...lol...

The things that we women have to do...sigh...