April 14, 2007

Tired of Cold Weather

I really am sick and tired of this cotton picking cold weather. BRRR Where's the warm already.

We had a nice couple of weeks of warm and then BAM, back into the deep freeze.

Oh well, in a few weeks I'll be griping about the heat. There's no pleasing me.

If you are as cold as I am I have a little secret to share with you. A few years a go I was visiting the doctor and his nurse came in wearing those thin pajama looking things all nurses wear. I was freezing and of course wearing one of those cute little backless gowns they like to make you wear.

I asked nurse Patty how she kept warm in her nurse's outfit. She said she wears Cuddle Duds. They are a silky long underwear. I bought some and let me tell you they really work. They are thin so they don't feel bulky under your other clothes.

There are a few different styles now, but the kind I like best are made of Cool Max polyester. I buy the long sleeve shirt. They have a camisole style; I guess for the summer when you need something lighter.

They sell them at Penneys and sometimes Sams.

Well, I guess you got a commercial after all. :o)

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