May 23, 2007

Celebrity Hoopla

Is anyone else sick of the celebrity hype?

I personally don't care if Brittany Spears shaved her head or not. She can afford a nice wig and/or hair extensions. Unlike the rest of us who have to wait years for our hair to grow back out.

And for goodness sake, yes, put Paris Hilton in jail, please. She should have been put there years a go for indecent behaviour. Where is this girl's mama? That's what I want to know. If she were my daughter I'd have jerked a knot on her head.

I'm also tired of hearing who has gone into rehab. What is this celebrity rehab anyway? Apparently it's nothing like the one regular people attend. This week they're in there and next week you see them coming out of Starbucks carrying a Latte. Hello! I thought rehab was sorta like jail. They locked you inside until you promised to never use drugs or alcohol again.

And what's with the guy eating a burger off the floor? He's lost his parental visiting rights until he can prove he's quit drinking and also so he doesn't beat his daughter senseless for posting his drunken self all over Youtube. Okay, I made up the last one, but can you imagine?

The next time you think being rich and famous will solve all your problems watch the news. Those people are messed up.

Apparently a lot of people care what the stars are doing because I can't even get a decent tornado warning without a news report of who has gotten arrested or who's divorcing who. I'm sure some people consider it right up there with a national disaster, but frankly I just want to know if I need to crawl into my bathtub or not.

Oh and blonde is back in. The celebs who dyed their hair brunette over the winter have now bleached their tresses blonde for the summer. Just thought you'd wanna know. :o)

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I was at a luncheon today where Huell Howser was speaking - he does a show for PBS about California. Anyway, he said, "We're here in L.A. Do this: try to live a week without celebrities. Now try to live a week without garbage collectors. When the week is done, who are you going to miss more?" I just loved it...I think you're on to something here... what IS our obsession with celebs?!?