May 22, 2007

Ramble Writing

Do you ever sit and just write whatever pops into your head? I call it ramble writing or rambling. There maybe a technical term for it, but I'm not aware of one.

It doesn't have to make any sense. Just write words.

When I can't think of anything to write I sometimes do this. It clears the cobwebs and sometimes...sometimes an idea will appear that has potential. Not always. Often it is just a big mess, but you might try it sometime. You can always shred it afterwards or delete if using the computer.

I started a story one day from my ramblings. It isn't finished and I'm not even sure if it has potential, but it is words on paper.

Some critics will argue that you should just take a break from writing if you can't think of anything worth writing and I'm sure this works for them.

I have talked to other writers who ramble, so I'm not the only one. I even had a teacher that suggested we do this. He didn't have a name for the technique, he just said write whatever pops into your head.

Some of my blog entries are ramblings, but then you probably already figured that one out. :o)

For those of you who care, I got an email that said Miss Snark is retiring her blog. I personally don't care for her but I know there are many out there who do. Just wanted to pass that information along.

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