May 3, 2007

Complicated Projects

My husband is one of those guys that can't do a simple project. Oh no. If it's too simple he'll turn it into this major deal.

He should have been an architect or interior designer. He can make any room look great.

Take our kitchen tile, for instance. Another man would have had it tiled by now, but not my husband. He got on the computer and using Freehand software has designed an elaborate creation that I wouldn't have tackled. It kind of reminds me of my quilting, only with tiles.

It will be beautiful.

You have to have patience to be married to my husband. If you're in a hurry, you might as well forget it.

He did the same thing on our front bathroom. He took out the furdown, switched the placement of the bathtub and toilet (with a concrete slab, no less), replaced the bathtub with a jacuzzi and added a niche in the wall. We had a cupboard above the toilet, that you knocked your head on; he took that out and replaced the wide cabinet, that held the sink, with a pedestal sink. The cabinet was replaced with a tower cabinet beside the toilet instead of above it.

I know it's hard to picture what it looks like. I wish I had before and after pictures. You would be amazed.

At first, his ideas worried me. I didn't think many of them were possible, but he soon proved me wrong.

Sometimes dreamers see possibilities where others do not. :o)


Lilfix said...

Pam...Lucky you...Jeff doesn't know what end of the hammer to use, so I have to do the repairs around the house...although he is a picky, picky painter...I wish Jeff would like to do more DIY projects, because I have LOTS of ideas for the way I want the house to look...I wish my wallet matched my ideas...grin...

choppersmom said...

My problem would be exactly like yours, Pam, except that I can't get Pat to even start the myriad little projects and repairs that need doing around this dump. I swear to you, the light switch in the upstairs shower room (we call it that because it's separate from the toilet part of the bathroom) has been on the fritz for - I swear I am not making this up - six months. I've been showering in the dark for six months. Now, when we actually do start the remodels we have planned, kitchen, baths, floors, etc, he will be a scary twin to Mark in that he will overplan and overengineer every little thing. Brenda, can I borrow you and your hammer??

Kavalyn said...

Hi Pam: Nice blog. It's my first time here. Repairs, nope, I don't do them though according to Avtaran, my husband I am a very good supervisor. It's a hidden talent I discovered when we renovated our home some four years ago. Avtaran is good at electronics things like computers, phones, printers, painting (oh yes, he loves that) and other little things but the more complicated ones, we just call in the relevant people.


choppersmom said...

Avtaran is such a sexy name! I love it, it sounds so exotic and silky and otherworldly. I might need to borrow it!