May 7, 2007


You folks that prayed for rain are getting it...all at once.

I live on a small hill and my yard is a veritable swamp. You can not walk across my yard without getting your feet soaked. Luckily, I don't have to go anywhere today, so I'm staying indoors, writing.

A squirrel, desperately tried to get some food from my squirrel proof feeder this morning, slipped and fell into a puddle. He jumped up, shook himself off, truely disgruntled, and ran up a nearby tree. He normally eats the seed the birds drop onto the ground, but his dining space is now a pond. I felt sorry for him but laughed anyway because it was funny.

My storm radio showed a flash flood warning this morning when I got up. Living on a hill does have it's advantages, but I fear for those not so fortunate.

Summer will come soon enough and dry up all of this moisture and we will mourn for the wet days of Spring. There's no pleasing us. Whatever the weather we complain.

Our ponds, lakes, and rivers are refilled where once lie dry, cracked soil. Wild animals will now have a place to quench their thirst.

I personally enjoy a good rain. Being a tree lover I see the benefits and enjoy the water no matter how we get it. :o)


choppersmom said...

Awww, poor Squirrelly-Boo!! LOL, it must have been a riot to watch though!

That video was hilarious, BTW.


choppersmom said...

Oh, are you getting any warnings about tornadoes near you?? I know they were hitting the northern part of OK, is that far enough from you to not be a threat??

*I worry about mah peeps*

Pamela Kay Morgan said...

I'm in the central part. Poor ol' northern OK was getting hit pretty hard. Luckily, it is far away from me.

choppersmom said...

Glad to hear it, but wow, Kansas, huh?? Those poor people. I can't imagine how you do it, I mean, living right where something like that can happen. Then again, every region has its drawbacks. In New York we have crime, in California they have earthquakes, mudslides, brushfires, floods, and liberals. So it's a crapshoot, really.