May 8, 2007

Day 8 of PriNoWriMo

Well, I haven't gotten as much writing done as I would have liked to. I have got to do better.

I originally was going to start a new novel called "No More Moves", about a girl who is on the run with her mother from an abusive father. She is tired of moving around and has made some good friends where they are currently living. To her chagrin they move anyway and the tale unfolds.

I got the idea, sort of, from one of my neighbors. She's been my neighbor for about 12 years now but she moved here to get away from an abusive husband. I thought it would make a good story and still may do something with it someday.

I have been instead, working on my Henry and the Map story. It's coming along but I have had an epiphany and decided to not bring Granny along on the journey which will change much of the story. I'm taking notes and will just make those changes later in the editing process.

I need to be working on my next non-fiction book, "Mom's Guide to Raising Kids", but a lot of the material is prewritten and wouldn't be fair to the process.

So it's Henry and me and I will at least have a finished novel that I can edit when all is done and who knows, maybe it will be worth sending out into the world. :o)


Lilfix said...

Pam...No More Moves sounds like a very interesting book...Sometimes I'm amazed at where our ideas come from...Good luck with PriMo...Brenda

choppersmom said...

Yay, Henry's back! Can't wait to see what you do with him. I agree, No More Moves sounds like it could be a fascinating story. Lots of potential with a setup like that, plus the added bonus of spreading a message. Good luck with both!


Pamela Kay Morgan said...

Yeah, we can get ideas from anywhere, even news stories. And this story isn't fantasy...imagine that. :o)

Thanks, Trish, poor Henry deserves to have his story at least finished.