May 31, 2007

Email Fraud

I received a suspicious email from a Dr. Denis Moore.

He says I have inherited fifteen million dollars.

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Since my relative was a foreigner I can only collect 30 percent of it. All I have to do is give a Nigerian bank my account information...Wait a minute.

I smell something fishy here.

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Even if I hadn't seen a news report a few weeks ago about the scams coming from Nigeria, I would have known this had fraud written all over it.

If you've inherited money, you do not need to give out your bank information. They just send you a check or at the most you would have to attend a reading of a will at an attorney's office.

Never, never, I repeat, never, give out your bank account number or social security number to anyone on the internet or telephone.

I called the attorney general's office to report this and she said that Nigeria sings songs about how dumb Americans are and how we give our money away.

This is a picture of an email scammer who got caught. He doesn't look like he's singing.

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Keep your money and credit safe. Shred all documents with your account info on them before throwing them away.

Legitimate people will not ask you for personal information via the internet or telephone.

Dang! I coulda used 5 million dollars. Oh well. :o)

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Lilfix said...

I don't know if it is me or what, but I do think that I get more SPAM here lately...

The subject lines are always something about me winning money or improving my sex life...argh...

Hugs, Brenda