December 7, 2007

Where Have All The Brunettes Gone

I know some of y'all are too young to remember the original Charlie's Angels show but it was a big hit back in the 70's.

In October I went to my neice's wedding. At the reception there were around 100 people and a little more than half were women. Out of all those women there were three brunettes counting myself.

Now I know a lot of men like blondes, but some guys still like brown, black or red hair.

Seems as though blondes would not stand out as much with so many of them.

Golden locks were a novelty at one time and stood out, but with the discovery of peroxide they seem to be a dime a dozen.

When the original Charlie's Angels were on, I knew guys who preferred Jaclyn or Kate over Farah.

Maybe we should all just be happy with what we have.

That's easier said than done as I sit here with my permed hair. You see I have naturally straight hair. Not so much as a flip without a permanent.


Brenda said...

Years ago when I left my first husband, I went blonde...thinking of course that blondes had more fun...instead, I kinda went dumb. I couldn't remember things and I would say some of the craziest then I went red...this fit my personality (I use to have quite the temper). I felt more like me when I was a red head.

I met my now hubby as a red head and after being together for 10 years, he decided he wanted to see what I looked like with my natural hair color...which happens to be medium brown (mousy brown) I went back to my natural hair color. He loves it, I hate it, but I will keep it this color until the gray starts settling in and then I'm back to being a red head!


Pamela Kay Morgan said...

That's funny. I read an article that said there was something in the bleach that ate away brain cells. Maybe that's why some blondes aren't too bright. I've bleached mine before. I like the look, but my hair grows so fast I have to have it redone every six weeks. That gets expensive.