March 30, 2009

Don't Mess With Granny's Man

If you watch Jay Leno you may have already heard this story. It cracked me up.

In Dayton, Ohio Edith Mitchell, 78 came home with her 72 year old boyfriend (they don’t give Mr. Stud’s name) when another woman (they don’t tell her name either) who is 73 comes up and starts punching Ms. Mitchell in the face telling her, “Get out of the car, bitch, that’s my man.” So then Edith goes inside to get her gun. The other woman takes the gun away from Edith causing the gun to go off. The police said they were both lucky no one was killed.

The other woman took off before the police arrived but they have a description of her car and know where she lives.

Can you imagine two little old ladies duking it out over some old dude? This guy must really be something to be stringing two women along for two years. Is there a shortage of single breathing senior citizen guys in Dayton? Does he have a prescription for Viagra? I hope they were practicing safe sex.

Senior citizens have got it going on. I think I already told y’all about my 90 year-old Grandma Lowery that had a 74 year-old boyfriend. She was taking care of him until she died. She never did go to a convalescent home. One morning she just didn’t wake up.

Here's the article along with a short video of Edith.

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Lauren J said...

Dayton, Ohio is a strange place. And apparently getting stranger every day.