March 2, 2009

The Straight and Curly Of It

My hair at first glance appears to be thin until you start rolling it up then you realize there is quite a bit there. My hair is just skinny, kind of like me.

I never seem to be happy with it, when it’s straight which is natural, I want it curly, but then after getting a permanent I want my old hair back.

Lately I’ve noticed a few more gray hairs and have contemplated dying it. The trouble with changing my hair color is that my hair grows very fast and I would have to touch up the roots often.

I’ve had it blond and I’ve had it streaked, which is almost blond. Oddly, I’ve never dyed it a darker color like black or dark brown.

I’m not alone in this. Many people are unsatisfied with their hair, which is why beauticians have so many clients.

I’ll probably put up with the color for a while longer. No one else seems to notice the gray like I do. When I look in the mirror and brush them they stand up and yell, “Look at me!” They are thicker than my brown hairs, pushing them aside and sticking out. I never knew gray hair could be so rude.

I read a blog on whether men preferred straight or curly hair on women. According to this woman’s research, men prefer straight hair. I haven’t noticed a difference in attention whether I had flat or fluffy hair, but do know that my husband prefers straight hair. I always assumed it was because his hair is curly. Here’s her blog:

Why is it when men turn gray and get wrinkles they are “distinguished” but when women get them we are just “old”? Sigh, I guess I’ll go sit in my rocking chair.

Mark’s brother looks just like Jerry Garcia only his hair is much longer and still mostly black. It’s not just me, everyone thinks so. Someday I’ll dig out a picture of him and show you.

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