March 6, 2009

Free TV a Thing of the Past

I should have known it would happen. Nothing remains free for long.

As you all know, unless you’ve been on a deserted island for the past few months, television is in the process of switching to digital blah blah blah. It’s all Greek to me and the only thing I do understand is that it’s screwed up my shows.

Supposedly, if you buy a new television or a magic box that attaches to your old T.V. you can view all of your regular free channels just like old times. Well, we bought a new one a few months back and a week a go some of our local channels did the old switcheroo. We can only see two of the channels, well three, if you count that crazy religious channel nobody watches anyway, that have not changed yet.

I have now missed two episodes of Big Bang Theory because my stupid new T.V. doesn’t want to play that channel and the network is too tight to put it on the internet.

It’s okay. I think I will survive. Maybe. More than likely one of the shows is a rerun anyway. Funny how they sneak those in every few weeks. Whatever happened to reruns being in the summer time? How often do these people need to take a vacation anyway? Sorry if I seem just a little bit testy.

So we either have to pay for cable or buy a satellite if we want to watch anything. We’ve done fine without pay television so far because we don’t watch that much, but it is nice to know what’s going on in the big wide world and there is that occasion when the wind decides to whip itself into an ice cream cone shape and tear the shit out of everything. I kind of like to know if I need to crawl in my bathtub or not.

Have y’all had good luck with this new digital nightmare they’ve decided we all need? Don’t tell me, let me guess, you all have cable.

I’m not the only person pissed off about this. A man got so mad he took out his shotgun and started shooting his T.V. and the police and SWAT team showed up. They thought maybe he was murdering his family or something. At least I don’t have a gun. Lucky for my neighbors.

Here's a great old song. I don't like the derogatory "F" word they use but it's pretty good if you overlook that part.

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