March 9, 2009

Facebook Wants Your Real Name Not the Fake One Your Parents Gave You

Not everyone is comfortable using his or her real names online, but Facebook doesn’t care. If your name doesn’t sound real they will deny you.

Most sites ask you what name you want to go by after you’ve filled in the little boxes. Not Facebook.

What if you are hiding from old lovers and don’t want to be found?

Even names that sound fictitious but are in fact real have been denied use on Facebook. Pancake, Super, Batman, Yoda and Three are a few that have had to dicker with the social network in order to use their “real” names.

Some people gave up and used a fake name so they could start up an account. Kind of defeats their whole purpose I think.

Some people name their kids crazy things, what will they do if they decide to open an account with Facebook?

A few names that were allowed were, Starkiller Unleashed. Dennis Ilovfakemiddlenames Lewis and Mojo Martini. Who knows if those are real names or not? In this day and age it’s quite possible.

Just what is the big deal anyway? What difference does it make to them if it’s your real name or not?

They are so rigid on this that some have had to fax their driver’s license proving who they are. Seems a bit ridiculous to me.


Cindy N said...

I think once they start letting businesses in they will lighten up on this. I think they do it to deter trolling. Plus, they probably don't want all the new people/businesses coming in here and seeing nothing but fake names. Right now the joint looks pretty classy without some of the nutty names I see on Facebook. I have someone on my friend list over there named Lucille Ball. As if.

Pamela N Red said...

Cindy, Lucille Ball is mild compared to some of my friends at Facebook. lol I think just making sure people register and keeping a good complaint department will help keep things clean.

Google+ is trying to be more like LinkedIn; a place for professional people networking. I think they can still do that but they need to lighten their standards a bit.

They recently locked a woman's account because her name didn't sound "real". Her name is Violet Blue and that is her real name.