March 13, 2009

You Can't Bring Yesterday Back

Do you ever put things off and put them off until you realize it’s right around the corner and then you panic? Some people are more prone to this than others. I’m not sure why.

It would make me anxious if I waited until the last minute to do something especially if other people were counting on me and I knew I’d have several pairs of eyes looking at me if it weren’t done and done well.

There are those of us who are great at planning and have everything organized and filed in a neat little folder they carry around and all you have to do is ask them and they pull out the paperwork with dates, times and a list of names and places. You can count on them to have everything in order and done right.

Then there are those who wait until the last minute and other people have to scramble around helping them find volunteers or places for events to take place. They make me nervous just watching them in action. I wonder if when they go on a trip if they throw some clothes in a bag right before they are supposed to leave and then because they didn’t make a list and check it twice of course they’ve forgotten some things and have to borrow from other people or go to the store upon arrival. I draw the line at loaning out my toothbrush.

Do they wait until the cupboards are bare before buying groceries or the car is sitting on E before pulling into the gas station? Do they wait until a couple of days before the prom to call girls for a date? Are they the people you see on Christmas Eve running around trying to get their shopping done?

Makes me wonder if they are cut with a different cookie cutter. Were they always that way? Possibly one of those late deliveries, you know a ten-month baby making their mothers miserable. Perhaps they were always late for kindergarten. Couldn’t find their other shoe or book bag. The other kids were already on their way to the park to play but Johnny Come Lately is still trying to find his glove.

Sometimes watching a butterfly flitter by or an airplane soar past is much more interesting than obligations.

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