May 25, 2009

You Can't Watch Sci-Fi With A Nerd

First of all, if you haven’t seen Star Trek you might want to skip this blog because there may be some spoilers.

Being married to a nerd makes watching movies and reading books a chore instead of, well, fun. When I watch a movie I don’t pick it apart and look for discrepancies but SOME people can’t enjoy a flick without analyzing the material. Gee, who cares if it makes scientific sense, it’s fiction for God’s sake.

So he gets on the phone to compare notes with his brother who is a fellow Trekky and talk at length about the inconsistencies of the movie compared to the past shows, books and movies.

There’s the little part in the Star Trek movie concerning the red matter and the fact that if a single drop can destroy an entire planet what the entire contents of the red blob would do to the universe when blown up especially since the Enterprise was in such close proximity to the afore mentioned red stuff and the fact that sending out three “things” wouldn’t make enough difference in helping the ship move through orbit quickly enough to avoid the scarlet mass. Then there are Star Trek historic discrepancies that upset them. It’s enough to make my head swim. Of course they think I’m a simpleminded woman since I enjoyed the film without asking any of these questions or seeing any flaws in the script.

I thought the movie was great and love the fact they added a bit of romance for Spock when in the old days it was always Caption Kirk who got all the action. I always liked Spock better anyway. If you are a Trekky you realize this is another glaring flaw in the script because Vulcans don’t have romances. Apparently they just procreate every 200 years or something like that because of the emotion thingy.

John Cho does a great job as Lt. Sulu There’s a great fight scene of him with some Romulan guys. The man who plays Chekov is really good and it’s fun to hear his dialogue. The letter “V” is pronounced “W” and the computer has a hard time understanding him. Priceless.

I’ve seen it twice. Yes, twice and I enjoyed it both times. If you haven’t seen it yet I highly recommend it, just try not to analyze and expect it to make sense. It’s fiction after all.

Here’s a test to see if you qualify as a Trekky nerd. I am clearly not and am okay with it.

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