August 20, 2009

Pretty Boys Find Out Early

Girls are a lot bolder these days compared to when I was a teenager. That plus the fact that mothers work outside the home and aren’t around to keep daughters in check.

When my sons were somewhere between twelve and fourteen girls started hanging around like vultures. If my daughter acted like that I’d jerk a knot on her head.

Sex was discussed and a box of condoms were bought for each son at around this age. This was my idea. As far as I know there aren’t any little juniors in this world that look like my boys.

Why am I telling you all this, you might ask? Because one of my renters has a son that just turned fifteen and he will be a father in two weeks. That means he was barely fourteen when he impregnated her. I was afraid to ask how old she is.

My tenant said the little girl started hanging around their house and before he knew it… Well, if he had bought the boy condoms it would have eliminated this whole mess. I know they aren’t foolproof and they have to use them or they won’t work but that’s where scare tactics come in. You tell them horror stories about STD’s that make their willies fall off and how he’ll have to marry the girl and work twelve hours a day to support her and the baby and he’ll never have any fun the rest of his life. Okay, maybe I went a bit too far and perhaps that’s why I still have no grandkids but it worked.

A friend of mine has been a grandmother since nine months after senior prom. Her son who is the age of my oldest son had to marry the girl and become a man when most are going off to college. My sons also saw this and still say how much they felt sorry for him. His daddy made him marry the girl. Maybe it was right and maybe not but I see a lot of girls raising babies alone and can’t help thinking that isn’t right either. His dad told him he got her pregnant and he is responsible. He wasn’t going to have his son thought of as a deadbeat father. The baby girl is eight years old now and the spitting image of her daddy and… they are still married.

I’m not sure what I would have done in the same situation. That’s a hard call to make.

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