April 5, 2011

DUI/DWI Transportation Needed

I do not advocate driving under the influence and agree that it is a bad idea but at the same time states aren’t making it easy for people to get home from casinos, bars or restaurants.

Oklahoma keeps building more and more places to drink alcohol but have a lack of public transportation. I’ve known of people who knew they had too much to drink called a taxi only to be told they didn’t have one available or there was no answer on the other end of the phone line.

How do they expect people to get home? It’s like putting candy on a table and telling a child they can have all the candy they want but if they eat it they can’t go home; you are stuck here.

You’ve seen the commercials for the designated driver and while they are funny they are not very realistic. Who seriously wants to go out with people who are drinking while they sit by having soft drinks or water? No one. It’s a wonderful idea but unless you are paying a chauffer you aren’t going to get someone to willingly sit and wait for you to finish drinking so they can take you home.

They keep raising fines for people caught driving after they’ve indulged but do they spend any of that money on ways to get people home safely? No, they simply use it to help them catch more perpetrators.

The prisons are already over capacity, we need solutions not ways to house more convicts.

Some countries have karaoke rooms you can rent for an evening. They have a big screen television, tables and couches for friends to get together and party. They can use the couches to sleep if they want. It has caught on in some larger cities here in America and I think it is a great idea. At least they aren’t on the road after indulging.


Warehouse Company Holdings said...

We drive to bars, but can't drive home. We don't call taxis cuz we either don't have enough fare, or we don't want to leave our cars at the bar. There are little services that use TWO people. One drives you home in cab, the other person drives your car home. Also, I have seen where there is a foldable scooter that fits in the trunk of most cars. This person drives you home with scooter in trunk, then leaves you and car at home, and rides scooter to next pickup. Ingenious !!!!

Pamela N Red said...

They need to have solutions for this. We keep getting more and more places to party and drink here in Oklahoma but no way to get them home. I mostly drink at home but young people like to mingle and socialize.