January 4, 2012

Myths About Thin Women

It’s not politically correct to say mean things about overweight people but somewhere along the way the world has gotten really screwed up and it is acceptable to say rude things about skinny women.

I have nothing against full figured ladies, some of my closest friends fit in this category, actually, I live in Oklahoma so most of my friends are round. They’ve known me for years and are used to my skinny self.

As a trim gal I’d like to clear up a few things.

No, we are not starving ourselves.

The anorexic remarks are really old, people. You’ve gotten too comfortable seeing obesity to the point that when you see a thin person you freak out. Look a few decades back in time and you’ll see that people were much thinner than they are today, some of us retained our figures, didn’t plus size our meals or add fries with that.

Most of us prefer healthy foods that aren’t fattening. I eat healthy because I want to; it tastes better.

You look at a double layer cake with lots of icing, a fudge Sunday or bacon and think yum. I see those same foods and get nauseous. I know it’s hard to believe but some people actually prefer vegetables to lard.

You get depressed and you pull out a tub of ice cream, if I’m upset I can’t eat and I don’t like ice cream.

It’s also genetics. There are some who simply don’t keep weight on as much as others. It’s nothing to get excited about, no we don’t need to gain weight or eat something we are simply thin. We’re happy that way and regardless of what you try to make yourself or others believe we are healthy. Trim people are typically in better health than overweight people; ask any doctor.

I seldom get sick. All this winter I’ve read on Facebook all the people suffering with ailments and I haven’t been sick once.

I cannot overeat. If I eat too much food I can’t keep it down.

Buffets love to see me coming because I don’t eat very much.

I do not eat appetizers, a dinner and then desert, there’s no way I could eat that much food. Appetizers are full of fat and salt and to me don’t even look good. I usually eat half of a dinner and take the other half home or my husband and I split a meal. It’s plenty for us and we are full when we leave. Yes, my husband is thin too and so are both of my sons.

Yes, I've had two children and still thin; it is possible.

No, we are not slaves to a gym.

There are women who struggle with their weight and work hard to maintain a fit physique but I’m not one of them. I know it doesn’t seem fair but that’s how it is. Hating me isn’t going to change anything.

I walk four miles three times a week at a brisk pace and I stretch before.

I don’t snack all day. I eat three meals a day and some chocolate or almonds in the evening for snack. I only eat about three or four pieces of the nugget sized candy.

I never eat anything out of a vending machine; I seldom eat fast food and mostly make my own meals.

I do not buy convenience foods from the freezer section, or boxed meals. Those foods are usually full of fat, salt and carbohydrates. I cook from scratch with fresh produce and meat.

I do not eat processed meats like hotdogs, sausage and salami because I don’t like them; to me they taste nasty.

Desserts are for holidays and special occasions; we do not have them everyday, it’s not necessary and we can’t eat that much food anyway.

Saying rude things about skinny people doesn’t make obese people look better.

It’s not nice. I’m not going to gain weight to make you feel better about yourself. I’m sorry you are overweight but being mean to me isn’t going to make you lose weight.

I’ve heard women (men don’t say these things) say skinny bitch, anorexic and all kinds of hateful remarks. I’ve been pinched, poked (not the Facebook kind) and my hair pulled. Yes recently by adults. Jealousy is an ugly creature.

Yes, some skinny women can cook.

Dress size has nothing to do with our skills in the kitchen. Just like not all big women can make biscuits, not all thin women are inept at frying chicken. Ask anyone that has eaten at my table, I assure you I can cook anything you want; I just don’t taste it all during preparation and may not eat it when the meal is served. My family loves macaroni and cheese but to me it’s gross, I cook it anyway. I don’t like cheese.

No, not all men prefer curvy women

I’ve also read many comments that men don’t like skinny women, they want a girl they can cuddle up to.

This is silly on so many levels. If this were true then men’s magazines wouldn’t highlight thin women in bikinis.

I've read comments that men who prefer skinny women have homosexual tendencies. That is absurd. If they wanted a man they would go and get one. Preferring a lady who isn't overweight doesn't make a man gay.

My husband only finds trim ladies pretty and isn’t interested in larger women so you can’t say all men want bigger females. Now I’ll probably get comments bashing my husband, which is childish and silly. No, I don’t stay thin to please him; it just worked out that way.

My youngest son also only dates skinny girls. So yeah, there are definitely men who go for ladies without extra pounds.

Can’t we just all get along?

So once in for all can we please put this weight issue behind us and move on? If you aren’t happy with the way you look you know what to do about it. Ridiculing thin women isn’t making you look any better.

You should go read the rude comments by girls about this next video.


Cindy N said...

You forgot the one where some people assume skinny women must be on drugs. I agree with you on just shutting up about weight issues on both sides. People should attempt to be healthy....period. Healthy means different things for different bodies. And healthy is also a state of mind....one that isn't obsessed with weight issues but more on being a better person both inside and out.

Pamela N Red said...

Oh yeah, I forgot that one, Cindy. We are all on Cocaine or diet pills. Nuts. I couldn't take speed back in my college days it made me sick and I'm sure I couldn't take it now. Too much caffeine and I get the jitters.

Mykuljay said...

I enjoyed this Pam n Red because I as a guy can relate on many levels. I'm often told by both sexes that I could stand to put on a few pounds.


I tend to graze all day at work but on healthy items with only the rare splurge. I exercise several days a week not to keep my weight down but keep my stress down and to simply feel better.

I enjoy fast food for only as long as it takes to eat it and am then miserable an hour later. So I don't bother.

Far too much emphasis on weight in this country one way or the other, with far too little emphasis on health. If one is heavier and curvy with good health - terrific. If one is thin or considered "skinny" but healthy and quite happy - also terrific!

I'm sure there are those that consider me less a "man" because I don't chug down countless beers or multiple burgers and chips with said beers. What do I say to them? Got any celery or carrots?

Pamela N Red said...

Mykuljay, exercising for health and well being is an important thing. Keeping our joints moving helps keep them lubricated and later in life we'll be glad we did.

Men also get some ribbing. My sons are both twigs and eat like horses. The oldest is a runner and a vegetarian, the younger one just has a high metabolism.

Some of us are just meant to be thin people.

People do worry too much about other people's weight. Unless bones are sticking out or a person is obese to the point of struggling to walk across the room, we should all mind our own business.

JamaGenie said...

Pamela, I'm like you. Buffets love to see me walk in the door because the little I consume will only cost them a few pennies. A certain gluttonous friend is insulted by my "eating like a bird" when she's picking up the tab for dinner. If she's paying, I should follow her lead and eat everything that doesn't eat us first to "get her money's worth". ??? The concept of "eating to live" rather than "living to eat" is totally lost on such people. Hauling around an extra 50-150+ lbs is "living"? Not in my book. BigPharma and "health providers" hate us because we don't need drugs to "control" high blood pressure and diabetes and the plethora of ailments that people wouldn't have if they ate sensibly.

I no longer stop and stare when a 400-pounder waddles by at the grocery store. No, I stop and stare when I see someone thin, because it's such a rarity these days. And yes, if fat woman are so attractive because "there's more to love", why do their men salivate over some skinny in a bikini??? Helllllo.

Pamela N Red said...

JamaGenie, Blogger didn't let me know about this comment. Living in Oklahoma it is more rare to see thin people these days. Sad really.

I don't feel I need to gorge on food just because it's an "all you can eat". I do like the variety of choices and being able to pick and choose what I put on my plate.

AmberK said...

What an incredibly rude blog. Couldn't you have made your point without INSULTING over weight people? News flash, I've struggled with weight MY ENTIRE LIFE! I do not eat fast food, or frozen foods, or even keep any kind of junk food in my house. My servings are often half the size of my size 32 waist husband (who eats like a pig whenever I'm not around). In fact, most of what you talk about the way you eat and cook could have been written by me. Insinuating that all fat people are lazy and gorge on layer cakes and fast food and Hamburger Helper and Hungry Man microwave dinners is every bit as rude and sizest as someone telling you that you are anorexic!! So, no, I don't think you are a skinny bitch, I just think you are a bitch.

Pamela N Red said...

Amber, might I suggest a dietician or gym? A professional can help you find solutions you haven't thought of yet.

I am making my statements based on the people I have seen. I mentioned that some can't help being overweight but most people can.

Thank you for reading.

Katerine said...

Pam, in absolute agreement with you there!

Pamela N Red said...

Thanks for reading, Katerine.