March 20, 2009

Oklahoma is For Guys

Oklahoma City was voted the third manliest city in the nation. Having major league teams, tool and hardware stores pulled us up in the ranks according to Mars Snackfood U.S. Company that gave the rating.

They took points off for mini vans, furniture stores and beauty magazine subscriptions. I guess manly men sit on rocks and creek banks either that or they just leave the home furnishings to the women folk.

We have a lot of pick up trucks and off road vehicles. Even at my house we have two trucks (my SUV is technically a truck, does that make me one of the guys?) and two sports cars.

There is a lot for men to do around here, much more for guys than women. We have dozens of lakes and places to hunt. Most events that come to town are geared to the male taste like motocross meets and monster truck rallies. It’s a redneck’s paradise.

We have lots of great steak houses around since we have so many cattle ranches. There are even cows in Oklahoma City.

The speed boat races will be returning. A couple of years a go a guy died in an accident and they skipped the event this past summer, but after much moaning and groaning from the fans, they are bringing it back.

Stores are pretty limited to the basics around here. We generally go to Texas for any serious shopping.

New York city rated in last place. Probably all those art museums and Broadway musicals counted against them. Not to mention all the fashion shows and fancy restaurants. Guys don’t want fluff, they just want barbecue and beer.

Here’s a great Oklahoma band, Flaming Lips. They have newer songs but this one is my favorite. I like the drums in it. The sound isn't great because it's live.

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