March 23, 2009

Renting My Armoire And My Cell Phone Loves ZZ Top

Some women just love to move furniture around. My friend Kim couldn’t understand why I kept my living room the same all the time.

I would go over to her house and she would be huffing and puffing moving her stuff all around and I’m thinking, “why?” The only time I shift things around is if I have to. Like when I replace the floor or move.

First of all I have this big ass armoire that takes four men to move. I am not kidding it is really heavy. Mark tried to talk me out of it and said it was too big, but oh no, I had to have it. It holds a very large television, (I know I should be able to tell you the size, but that involves numbers and y’all know I don’t do numbers) a DVD player, VCR (yeah we still have one of those), a receiver, a CD player that holds a whole lot of them (I forget what it’s called) and a lot of CD’s and DVD’s.

I don’t even watch T.V. in the living room because there are too many remote controls and I can’t figure them all out. You have to have one to turn the television on and another one for the receiver for the sound and I think the DVD player is somehow involved. It’s too complicated. The only time I watch that one is if someone else is here to operate it. Nicholas tried to give me a class but some things are just beyond my comprehension.

I’ve decided if things get really rough I can rent the armoire out to a small family. It has three really big shelves. I’ll throw in meals since it might be a fire hazard to cook in there.

I like to think that when I close the doors a portal opens up in the back kind of like on Narnia. So far I haven’t seen any talking animals or hooved people and it isn’t for the lack of looking.

This story was so much more amusing running through my head the other day. That happens sometimes I’ll think I have something really funny to tell but when it leaves my mouth it falls like a deflated balloon. And that’s when you say, “I guess you’d have had to have been there.” (I’m pretty sure that last sentence isn’t grammatically correct, but that’s how I talk so I’m leaving it in.) Of course that doesn’t always work either because what some people find amusing isn’t always funny to others. I’ve decided there are those who just don’t have a sense of humor and no matter what kind of story you tell there’s no making them laugh.

My cell phone has a mind of it’s own. I’ve downloaded quite a few songs and artists, set the player to random but my phone just loves ZZ Top. Now I wouldn’t have put them on there if I didn’t agree but after a while you can wear out a group. Every third or fourth song played is ZZ Top. There are some groups on there I have yet to hear, but it will play songs it likes over and over again. It’s also partial to Led Zeppelin and Eurythmics. I thought it was just mine but Mark’s MP3 player loves the Moody Blues.

I would delete them from my player but then I’m afraid my phone might retaliate and not let me know when I get a call. It has done that before. I really don’t want to upset the little guy. Electronic gadgets don’t like me.

Does your MP3 player have certain songs or groups they are partial to? I swear they are taking over the world and we just don’t know it yet.

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